About us

In 2003,  the Board of Directors of the Carassauga Festival of the city of Mississauga was approached by People of Motherland Cultural Committee to be run a pavilion. The Board suggested there was an opening for Africa which was very little represented in the festival and the Africa pavilion was thus created.  From a modest start with only 3 countries represented by Ivory Coast, Kenya, and Togo,  the Pavilion Africa was able to quickly command its place within the Festival.  In 2005, the organization ‘People of Motherland Cultural Committee’ felt the need to expand participation at the Africa Pavilion at Carassauga to other ethnocultural communities of African origin.  Today, under the direction of Georgette and Olga, co-founders of Africa Pavilion , more than 15 African countries in the diaspora are represented at the African Pavilion at Carassauga.. The Carassauga Festival is ranked among the 100 best multicultural festivals in Canada. It draws more than 275,000 visitors a year, and 10,000 to 15,000 of these visit the African Pavilion.

Our mission

While promoting African culture and arts and cooperating with other organizations, People of Motherland actively contributes to the vitality of the African-Canadian community

Our Vision

A recognized leader in cultural and socio-economic development, People of Motherland works for the promotion of African culture and arts at the  regional, national and international level.

Current Board of directors

Fatoumata Keita – President

Vacant – Secretary

Vacant – Treasurer

Marlene Tremblay – Board Member

Olga Lambert – Director / Acting Treasurer

Georgette Amihere – Director

Benson Amihere – Promotions